Ever since I’ve been going to the Bobbio for my cut and colour (T-section), I’ve not stopped receiving compliments on my hair! Jackie and I are trying something new with my colour and it’s looking amazing! I’ve even recently been stopped in the street by a stranger telling me how great my hair looks! I always walk out feeling like a million dollars... wish I had an excuse to visit more often!

Oreen - Satisfied Customer

...I always walk out feeling like a million dollars

I'm a long standing customer for years and after the first appointment, never considered going somewhere else again; Very professional advise and individual customer care at every treatment; Feel-good salon with super friendly staff;

Britta - Satisfied Customer

....never considered going somewhere else again

Bobbio always provides a very personal approach, ensuring the highest level of attention in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is always a genuine pleasure to have my hair cut in this delightful part of London

Nick - Satisfied Customer

....the highest level of attention

My decision process was quite complicated - I had been going to the same hairdresser in Kensington High Street for 8 years and was very loyal to him. However, it took me an hour each way so two hours added to the time of my appointment. On top of that he was very expensive. John had been saying to me for ages that I should come to you and when Loraine said she was a client and very happy, it made me think about it even more. It took me a while to actually make the change but now I wish I had done it a lot earlier. So convenient, you are great at the things that matter to me - colour as well as cut - and much better value. On top of that I get a discount for living in the building - what's not to like!!

Avril - Satisfied Customer are great at the things that matter to me

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A creative stylist team located in Wapping London.

Situated amongst the historic Wapping warehouses, cobbled roads and Thames River walkways, Bobbio's unique space offers our clients a chance to relax in traditional settings.



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